Ecobolha specializes in Biodegradable Plastic Products and has been creating packaging solutions for over 20 years.

It is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of Biodegradable Bubble Wrap.

Our products are used in the electronics, construction, automotive, e-commerce, furniture, logistics and transportation sectors.

We are taking great strides to make our company 100% sustainable, following the global sustainability and nature conservation sentiment.

Here comes history

Back in 1999, the idea of making bubble wrap was born.

However, there was no manufacturing equipment available in Brazil.

So it was decided to make a bubble wrap machine by hand.

So, relentlessly, day after day, piece by piece, part by part, with immense difficulties in developing the cylinder, the diameter of the bubble and adapting the heating to seal the bubble in the plastic films, we produced our first machine ourselves, which although it is no longer used, still works perfectly.

At the end of the year, still without producing plastic film, we started producing bubble wrap with a diameter of 8 mm.

A few months later, our deficiency in producing plastic film was overcome with the acquisition of an extruder, and production became verticalized.

This extruder has undergone several upgrades and joined others acquired over time, which carry out the first stage of the production process.

As sales grew, more modern bubble machines were acquired, with state-of-the-art technology, adding quality to the product and greater production capacity.

In line with the global call for sustainability, in mid-2018 we committed to manufacture biodegradable bubble wrap.

With this in mind, we worked on developing technology and technical training for the manufacture of biodegradable plastic, developing partnerships and modernizing the production process, which resulted in full manufacturing capacity for biodegradable bubble wrap.

Now, in August 2020, all our bubble wrap production has become biodegradable, following ANVISA RDC 51 and 52, degrading in nature in 3 years.

Along the way, much more than customers and suppliers, we have made countless friends who have always been by our side, helping us to improve the quality of our products and the efficiency, agility and speed of our deliveries. They are truly responsible for getting us to this point in our history, which is perhaps why they are so spoiled by our sales department.

This enduring partnership has enlightened our sales management, which identified the market opportunity for the sale of stretch film.

As part of our pioneering spirit, our next goal is to manufacture stretch film that is also BIODEGRADABLE.